Single Parents,

Let's Connect...

Welcome to The G.O.O.D.E. Foundation.

We are dedicated to reaching you “single mom” or “single dad”.

We say “thank you” for opening your heart to a new way of living.

Come, let us embark on this new journey together.

Who We Serve

We serve single parent families who may be struggling with financial, emotional or spiritual burdens in their lives.


The G.O.O.D.E. Foundation, we connect with single parents to identify their current needs in order to enact sustainable change. We want to teach and train righteous core values to these individuals to become responsible contributors in their local communities with the grounding of biblical principles in their lives.


“As a single mother of two children who makes a decent income but once all the bills are paid doesn’t have much left over. I have noticed even though I could use some assistance not just financially but emotionally there is no support out there for mothers in my situation. I was overjoyed to hear about The G.O.O.D.E. Foundation who is trying to be the gap filler for mothers just like me.”

- Latoya Murrell

“This is a great organization that has helped me get resources, be with other moms, and be real. There’s no judgement and God is the forefront of it all. It is an amazing organization” 

- Allyson Mcgavick-Noel

Meet the Team


Location: 33427 Pac Hwy S Ste. E-1, Federal Way, WA 98003

Office Hours: Tuesday - Thursday; 9:00 a.m.  - 3:00 p.m.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: event/appointment only

Main office: 425-213-4081  

Satellite Office: 253-353-0895 

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Patrice Harris


Executive Director

Patrice has worked 20 years in corporate America. After leaving corporate America in 2019, God gave her a vision for the G.O.O.D.E. Foundation. She is a single mother of a teenage son who has overcame the hurdles of single parenting through her relationship with Jesus Christ. Patrice’s desire is to uproot the bondage of brokenness and unworthiness in the single parent families seeing sustainable results.

Trina Lucas

Program Manager

Trina is a single mother of two adult children. She currently works in the field of the health industry. She has a great understanding of what it means to persevere and help others along the way. Trina's first love is the Lord Jesus Christ and it shows in everything she does. She is dedicated to the mission of uplifting single parents and to witness the families have victory in today's current times. " I desire to help single parents and I will help anyway I can within this foundation."

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"It takes an open heart to plant a G.O.O.D.E. Foundation"

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